Safety Dogs

Dillan On Scent Box
Belgian Malinois alerts to target scent. Fried chicken is in handbag to the left.

A school safety dog is a proactive layer of security that cannot be matched by any existing technology.

Free Public Talk Wednesday 6 February 2019

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Free Public Talk Wednesday 6 Feb 2019 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

LaFarge Library 1730 Llano St. Santa Fe

"My Dog Won't Listen To Me!"

Along with aggressive behavior and separation anxiety, this is one of the three most common complaints that dog owners bring to their first training session. Your dog probably is listening to you. The problem isn't about listening, it's about whether the dog cares about what you are trying to say.


Rewarding Your Dog

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Sometimes (a lot of times) when people bring their dog for training it's because the dog is not doing what the human wants.

Does the dog understand the desired behavior? Is the dog able to produce the desired behavior? Can the dog associate the behavior with the command? Does the desired behavior earn a better reward than other options?

If you were offered a job that payed better, payed more often, had better working conditions, greater chances for success, and more interesting and meaningful work, wouldn't you take it? And what if you were paid in cash?

Herding Airplanes

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At a job site some years ago I met someone with two Border Collies who were frantic. They were running around as though they were having an anxiety attack, looking for anything they could make move. The first time I saw them focus on anything was when an airplane flew past. And the dogs tried to herd it, too. The fact that the airplane did not comply with their direction appeared to add to their distress.

I asked the owner what was happening and he replied, "Oh, that's just the way they are, they're a little crazy."